About Us - Enthusiast Events
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Enthusiast Events is a company devoted to producing a wide spectrum of events for the Automotive Enthusiast.

Founded by well known car Enthusiast – Jeff Hill, Enthusiast Events looks to provide venues to bring all Enthusiasts together. Too many events are too focused on one type of vehicle, brand or category and in many cases are the same year after year. Enthusiast Events looks to bring all Automotive Enthusiasts together to share in their passions, learn about other Automotive Categories and foster a camaraderie that we all love about the Vintage Automotive World.

“Whether you are into Muscle Cars, Exotics, European, Low and Slow, Bikes or Trucks, the passion is the same. All too often events cater to a very small field of Enthusiasts and therefore miss an opportunity for exposure. Our events strive to bring passions together with some of the finest people alive – car people.”  – Jeff Hill